Cable Supplies in Beverley


Comprehensive cable and wire supplies in Hull, here at Aflex Cables Ltd we are renowned as your specialist electrical cable and wire distributor. Supplying to businesses around the world, we specialise in the supply of cable and related accesories to all industries. Products include, but are by no stretch of the imagination limited to:

  • Control YY, SY, CY Cables .
  • High Temperature Silicone’s, PTFE, ETFE, TPE Cables.
  • Expandable Coils for Machines and Telecoms Cables.
  • Electronic Cables.
  • Data Cables .
  • Coaxial Cables .
  • Telecommunications Cables
  • Optical Fibres Cables.
  • Offshore Cables
  • Marine Cables
  • Automotive Cables .
  • Highly Flexible Rubber  Cables and PVC Cables .
  • Cable Connectors, Cable Glands, Cable Crimps, Cable Ties.
  • Cable Sleeving Heat shrinkable.
  • Cable Sleeving Expandable.


…and other related cable products.

Established for over a decade, we supply cable and wire to most industries, including:

  • Marine Cables
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Platform Cables
  • Super-yacht Cables
  • Bingo and Amusement Industry Cables
  • Conveyor system Cables
  • Audio Visual Cables
  • Computer Networks Cables
  • Security/CCTV Cables
  • Telecommunication Cables
  • Railway Cables
  • Solar Energy Cables
  • Wind Energy Cables
  • Aircraft Cables
  • Military Cables
  • Specialist Vehicles Cables
  • Lighting Cables
  • Modular Wiring Cables
  • Specialist Harness Manufacturers Cables
  • Lift & Crane Reeling Cables
  • Public Buildings requiring Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables